Automatic Feeding Smart Toy

Foobler® is a newly invented idea in pet feeding that combines a puzzle toy and self-reloading feeder that uses a real metal bell to chime when its time to play and feed, and is tested and recommended by behaviorists and pet owners from around the world.

A dog’s natural instinct is to hunt and forage for food, and Foobler helps keep their mind and body actively engaged by reinforcing natural instincts to earn meals by using their noses and paws. It fills the gap between pet puzzle toys and time-release feeders to deliver the perfect amount of food by helping to eliminate overfeeding.

Set Foobler’s timer in 15/30/60/90 minute intervals to dispense food and treats to for up to 9 hours of feeding. The metal bell will sound at every interval to alert your dog to his next playtime and feeding.


First of its kind patent pending, self-reloading timed puzzle feeder.
Real metal chiming bell to attract your dog to play and feed.
Six separate food pods for up to nine hours of playtime per fill.
Food grade, highly durable, washable design.

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