Cats never stop playing themselves! This unpredictable bouncing treats toy fit them every day!

Ca-tumbler is a new kind of cat toy makes your cats never stop playing it with an area for dispensing the treats with the unpredictable bounce pattern. Simply fill up 1/3 cup dry treats and 2 spoons catnip into 2 different compartments and spray some catnip oil on top to keep the attraction. The design of the little kitten on the food pod lid is to help to adjust the size treats hole, as well as to increase the challenge level.

  • treelike cactus
  • sunflower
  • dots mushroom
  • cannibal flower

The shape of Ca-tumbler is specially designed to put on some yarns and sisal, and it’s not only the toy sit on the table but it is interactive toy that can be played with pet owners to deliver different excitements to the cats.


  • 1/3 cup feeding capacity
  • Different play level
  • Suitable for different size of treats
  • Un-harmful soft touch plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Interactive cat toy and interchangeable
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